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Swissport israel - Company profile

Swissport Israel is a subsidiary of Swissport International, the world's leading ground services provider for passengers and cargo. Emulating the successful operating principles of its parent company, Swissport Israel supplies solutions of an exceptionally high quality to local and international clients.

The Swissport air cargo terminal at Ben-Gurion International Airport, Israel, was established in 2008, and features some of the most innovative technological systems in the field. Designed and constructed in keeping with the highest international standards, the terminal covers an area of approximately 30,000m2, including a built-up area of 21,000m². 

Swissport International, which has a 51% holding in the company,  In 2021, Swissport International AG provided best-in-class airport ground services for some 97 million airline passengers (2019, pre-COVID: 265 million) and handled roughly 5.1 million tons of air freight (2019: 4.6 million) at over 100 cargo centers worldwide. As of 14 July 2022, Swissport was active at 287 airports in 45 countries on six continents.


Commited to World Class Service

The values of precision, efficiency, and excellence are the defining qualities of Swissport Israel, which is devoted to providing the top quality service its clients would expect from the world's leading company in the field. The company is sensitive to the requirements of its clients at every stage of its work process, and endeavors to offer them a rapid, high quality, and convenient logistic solution that suits all of their needs. 

The dedicated Swissport customer service desk offers 24/7 service for cargo stored at the terminal, and also offers a wide range of supplementary cargo management services, including special work orders to meet the client's requests.